Gourmet Mushrooms in the South Shore

Komatiq Farm was started in 2008 with the goal of producing high quality gourmet mushrooms. In 2010, after visiting several farms in Ontario, we inoculated 1000 logs with a variety of strains of Shiitake. Over the past 10 years we have continued with Shiitake cultivation and expanded to include production of Oyster, Maitake and Lion's Mane mushrooms.

We also take part in wild mushroom harvesting and have developed a variety of mushroom products. Starting in 2014 our product line expanded to include several wild seaweed and sea greens. Since 2012 we have been selling our fresh mushrooms, pickled and teriyaki products, tinctures, vinegars, teas and a selection of foraged foods at farmers' markets and to restaurants along the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

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Products For Sale


Shiitake $20.00 / pound
Lion's Mane $20.00 / pound
Oyster $16.00 / pound

Bottled Products

8 oz. Teriyaki Sauce $8.00
250 ml Teriyaki or Pickled Mushrooms and Mushroom Chutney $10.00

Dried Mushrooms

28g SHIITAKE $9.00
25g SHIITAKE GROUND FINE (shaker) $16.00
1oz CHAGA (chunks) $8.00
3oz CHAGA (chunks) $18.00

Foraged Foods

A variety of wild mushrooms, seaweed and sea greens are available in season. Please contact us to see what is available.


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